Most trainers have to work out of their garage or basement to avoid giving away a percentage of their income. If they do not have the right equipment and are limited on space, it can be hard for them to make a living doing what they love. In the video below I answer the most common questions trainers have about going solo in this industry.

I hope this video answers most of your questions. A Foot Above Fitness is an affordable place where you can bring clients, train yourself and be able to charge more than the average rate most trainers receive. If you're a personal trainer with 3-5 clients then this could be a game-changing opportunity for you. I love helping other PT's bridge the gap between the corporate world to starting a journey of their own, but with a facility they can be proud to bring their clients to. We're currently looking for 3-4 qualified trainers to join our team. Once these spots have been filled we will create a waiting list for future reference. If you have further questions, or simply want to check out the facility then don't hesitate to give us a shout. Below you will see a few videos from other trainers sharing their experience.

Coach Zeng - Perseverance Athletics

Here's a few more awesome trainers briefly sharing their thoughts on what you can expect being a part of our gym.

Whether it’s endurance based training, bodybuilding or powerlifting; we cater towards all types of health enthusiasts! We look forward to hearing from you.