Zachary Boissinot

My name is Zachary Boissinot, I am a personal trainer and coach. Before all of that I was just an overweight teenager with low self-esteem and a soft midsection. I hope that by doing what I do, I can help others on their fitness journey so that the turmoil of getting into shape isn’t so intimidating.

My fitness journey started in my first year of high school. I was not involved in sports, I was not very active, I really liked food and I was starting grade 9. I struggled with almost every aspect of high school except for the academics. My social skills were lacking in a big way, and my ability with sports was pretty much zero. In grade 9, I caught the attention of a girl. After not too much time together I got told a line that will forever be seared into my mind, “I like you the way you are, but I think you would look much better with a six pack.” Because back in high school, a six pack was what it was all about!

That was my water shed moment that started everything for me. From there I started some absolutely insane practices to lose weight. I knew absolutely nothing about fitness, and I pretty much stopped eating. I would have 1-2 apples a day, 1-2 chicken breasts a day, and would sometimes have dinner with my family. I paired that with about two hours of running every day. I lost 60lbs in 6 months, had dark circles under my eyes, and felt terrible pretty much all the time.

I got dumped shortly thereafter, but by then I was already on my journey. I started to educate myself and I have continued to educate myself since. I started as a personal trainer in 2012 and since then I have been taking courses and seminars to hone my skills.

I have done courses in program design, nutrition, teaching proper form, fascial stretch therapy, contraction isometrics, and have taken a bunch of smaller seminars and lectures on everything from developing self-worth to thyroid health and function. But most of all I pride myself on my ability to solve fitness problems as they present themselves.

So whatever your goals might be, I am eager to tackle them with you!

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