How accurate are you in your tracking?

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Feel like you’ve been tracking your macros properly and exercising but still aren’t losing weight? You’ve found the online calculators, you track your food, hit the gym and still not moving in the right direction?

Maybe it’s not your thyroid. It’s not your genetics fault. It’s likely the stuff that slips through the cracks in reporting food…

people in this study under reported their calorie intake by %47 +/- %16.

They also over reported their physical activity by %51 +/- %75 (That’s a huge variance, all over the map)

To do this study they had group 2 as 80 people and this served as a control group. Group 1 was made up of 10 people who were both tracked scientifically in their energy expenditure and consumption. They were also asked to track their own activity and consumption.

The scariest part of this?

“group 1 had no distinct psychopathologic characteristics, they perceived a genetic cause for their obesity, used thyroid medication at a high frequency, and described their eating behavior as relatively normal “

These people believed it was their genetics, metabolism and anything else that was not in their control. They believed they were eating normally when really they were in no way in tune with how much they were putting into themselves.

Is there ANYTHING you consume that you don’t count in your macros? “I only had two bites or a handful, that’s not enough to count,” doesn’t work. Are you cooking in oil, but don’t count that? It’s the small errors that add up.

Do you tell people you gym 3/wk but while you’re there you hold a conversation with other gym goers? if you talk for 1/3 of your workout does that really mean you’ve only gotten the equivalent of 2 workouts in that week? Are your rests between sets bigger than they should be? Was that HIIT really the hardest you could have possibly pushed yourself?

The stuff you might think doesn’t matter, does.