We Are Expanding The Gym

The new space will be 5 times bigger than where we are now! Memberships will now be available too! On top of gym access we will be offering boxing classes and be truly 24/7 accessible. All the while continuing to have the strongest team of one on one and small group trainers in the city. You will not find more passion and experience in health and fitness anywhere in Ottawa.

We get keys July 1st to the space. We are aiming to be operational at the new location and closed at our current location for early August. The grand opening party will be early September, some basic details to follow.

But here’s the fun stuff first!

We will be the largest privately owned gym in east Ottawa at a massive 21,500 sqft. Within the top 3 on Ottawa of size and private ownership.

We will be easily accessible by transit and have an abundance of parking.

I’ll say it again, we’ll be 24/7 accessible, even on the weekends.

We will have a full size 16ft x 16ft boxing ring, 6 heavy bags (the largest is 250lbs), 2 speed bags, 2 double ended bags and 450 sqft of Tatami flooring. All of which will be utilized during the classes we will offer. We will also have lots of open space with hardwood flooring for shadow boxing, skipping, or whatever else you can come up with. Whenever classes are not going on, the boxing room will be accessible with your membership. Come work the bags then get a lift in!

On top of all the equipment at our current location we will be adding:

6 more squat racks (2 of which are Keiser hydraulic racks, 1 smith machine.)

1 Keiser hydraulic leg press with independent feet movement

1 Keiser hydraulic functional trainer

2 Monolifts (find these elsewhere in the city, I dare you)

4 Competition benches

1300sqft of turf (15′ x 87′)

4 more free benches

Multiple sets of dumbbells all the way to 120s

2 more Echo Bikes

2 more Concept 2 rowers

2 more Bike Ergs

2 more ski erg

2 more assault treadmills

And of course more Bars, plates and KBs

On top of all that we will even have more room to grow into and I am looking to hear from everyone on equipment ideas once we get in there.

But where will this magical space be? The old GoodLife Fitness in Place D’Orleans mall at 110 Place D’Orleans Drive.

Those who know me, know that’s the location that I started my journey as a personal trainer after having been a member there since it had first opened. I left there 6 years ago to start the gym I’m in now, now it’s time to go back. All the more motivation to make it abundantly clear how I think that space should have been used as both a gym and business. I left that place for a bunch of reasons, mostly the corporate meat grinder feel of it. Now I’m going to go back to show how I think a gym community should really be. I’m going back with an amazing group of trainers, clients and people who support what A Foot Above Fitness stands for. I’m going back to do it the way I think it should be done. I would love if you would join me on this!

If you would, registration is open as of today and can be done online with a %10 discount, just use the code “FAF10.” No payments will be billed until the doors open.

Any current clients, reach out to your trainer for your extra discount code.

Now, how about we make this even more interesting?

The first 50 people to sign up will get custom A Foot Above Fitness numbered T-shirts. We’ll get your sizes from you and have your shirts ready for the grand opening party.

On top of those one of a kind shirts, we are going to be hosting a draw with the first 100 people to sign up. For this one we have partnered up with the meal company Vittle and can be found at www.vittle.ca

By random pick at the grand opening, there will be 3 prizes to be won.

First prize: 50 Athletic size meals from Vittle

Second prize: 30 Athletic size meals from Vittle

Third prize: 20 athletic meals from Vittle

All this on top of the numbered shirts.

As I get more fun media to share, I’ll keep it coming.

If you would like to be kept in the loop click HERE to leave your contact information.

Can’t wait!


I’m Zachary Boissinot, a personal trainer, coach, and owner of A Foot Above Fitness. Once an overweight teen with low self-esteem, I transformed my life through exercise and proper nutrition. Now, I thrive in the competitive fitness industry, driven by the belief that hard work knows no bounds. My mission is to assist others in achieving fitness through education and innovation, foundational principles of my business philosophy.


With a track record spanning over nine years in the fitness industry, my journey commenced in the service sector, where I was left wanting more. After exploring various job roles, I stumbled upon my true calling in personal training and coaching. Martial arts, bodybuilding, and functional training became not only personal passions but also crucial elements defining my coaching philosophy. Recognizing the profound impact I could have, I dedicated myself to this transformative journey. Today, armed with diverse experiences and a deep-rooted passion, I am committed to guiding others on their path to wellness and self-discovery.

Eric Zeng, Trainer

With over 5 years of expertise, his primary focus is imparting methods for sustained health and fitness. Beginning with martial arts, his fitness journey evolved into a passion for applied biomechanics. Emphasizing age-appropriate programming, he combines strength/hypertrophy training with balance and flexibility exercises. His approach fosters long-term client relationships, integrating fitness seamlessly into daily life. A top choice for those aspiring to lose weight, gain strength, and achieve holistic wellness.

The HealthN.E.S.S Coach, Trainer

“The Summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters.”

In your fitness journey, I’m here for every step. Fitness has been a vital part of my life, and it goes beyond squats and six packs. With a background in hospitality, I recognize life’s broader aspects. True fitness involves finding your pack, building connections, making decisions, and shaping your environment. Beyond our workout hours, I’m committed to supporting your journey and creating an environment tailored to your success.


With a natural coaching and educational aptitude for the body, I aspire to inspire my clients to reach their full potential and lead their best lives. Combining yoga, martial arts, and strength conditioning, I aim to offer maximum value and walk alongside clients in their journeys. We all stumble and lose our way, but it doesn’t mean we’re lost forever. Whether your fitness goals are big or small, I’m eager to assist you in every possible way.


Introducing Matei, the go-to coach for men and young men seizing control of their fitness journey. With a perfect blend of humor and hard work, he creates an environment where jokes coexist with intense workouts. This passionate trainer doesn’t just preach; he competes regularly on bodybuilding stages, embodying his dedication to fitness. With Matei, you’re not just gaining a coach; you’re gaining a comrade in your fitness pursuit. Let’s transform your aspirations into achievements, sharing laughs and pushing limits every step of the way!


“Empowering Wellness with Christine”

Meet Christine, a versatile fitness guru making waves in the training world. As a bilingual and bubbly coach, she effortlessly connects with clients in any language. Prioritizing mobility in her personal training, Christine exemplifies a holistic fitness approach. With experience working with local university sports teams, she brings dynamism to her sessions. Christine’s infectious energy and expertise extend beyond traditional boundaries, creating an inclusive fitness community. Join Christine’s journey, where each session is a celebration of wellness, strength, and the joy of movement!



Curd Hos: From a mid-fifties low – broke, alcoholic, and overweight – to rebuilding the best version of myself. Amidst the pandemic, my business collapsed, and I took responsibility.

“I messed up. It wasn’t just Covid. I ignored my inner voice, surrounded myself with the wrong influences, and avoided necessary changes.”

Broke, my business failed, and I weighed almost 400 lbs. I was a recovering alcoholic, shattered and lost.

In the past 3 years:

  • Shed 130 lbs
  • Achieved the best shape at 55
  • Maintained over 9 years of sobriety
  • Revived my personal training practice
  • Launched Iron Hos Gear Apparel Brand
  • Thriving with A Foot Above Fitness in Orleans

Specializing in transforming men and women aged 40 and above into their best selves for the second half of their lives!

25+ Years Strength Coach-  Bench Press Athlete – multiple record holder – Founder Iron Hos Gear – Orleans- Ottawa Canada · www.ironhosgear.com www.curdhos.com


CURD HOS, Trainer


Here at A Foot Above Fitness, we have only ever made client’s health our top priority. We specialize in one-on-one personal training but also have a well-equipped facility that you will have access to with your personal training.

So long as you are seeing a personal trainer for two (2) one on one sessions per week then you have full access to the facility whenever you want it, included in the price for training. However, we do not sell just a membership. What that means is we have a very close community of like-minded people who are all working hard to improve themselves in the gym and in life. This also means that we have a very safe community. We look out for each other. We share thoughts and ideas. We all do our best to take care of anyone under our roof.

The personal trainers are all contractors in the building and set their own prices and specialties. Which makes it very easy to match you with a trainer who will be ideal for all your needs. Whatever you are interested in trying to get better at, we have someone who can help!

The facility itself is 4300 square feet and has almost 3000 square feet of gym floor. The rest of the space is changerooms, bathrooms and showers. We do not let any space go to waste and the gym is laid out, so it has everything you need without feeling cramped. It really is worth seeing it for yourself.

If you are interested in talking more, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to helping you on your fitness journey!

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